1st Release From My New Side Project TAISUN

About two months ago i decided to start a new side project. I'd been writing a bit of jackin bass house and really enjoyed the whole process of it. It didn't really fit with the sound of Bass Kleph, so i started an alias called TAISUN. I'm excited to announce that today, the first official release came out on Perfect Driver Records! It's a three track EP called "My name is TAISUN" and it features a colab i did with my good friend Travis Emmons. Listen to the tracks below.


Avast!! This track was originally sketched out on my phone! I used the iMaschine app while travelling and put down the basic idea. I then imported it to my full size Maschine and started finishing it off. The main melody got stuck in my head and i was singing it to my self unconsciously. I decided to re record it with my voice. The same silly way i was singing it in my head. Hahah. It kinda sounded pirate ish after that, so i then when on the hunt for some good pirate samples and wrote some more pirate ish parts to complete the theme. Yarrr!! 


This track is a collaboration with my good friend Travis Emmons. It has a kinda funny story to it. Every time we hear a good track or drop in a track, we often say "sick". This slowly evolved over time to become longer if we really really liked it e.g. "Siiiiiick". It then got twisted a bit if the track was even better. e.g. "siiiyack". So these days, if we really like a track or drop, we often catch ourselves saying SIIYAK! So we decided to put it in a track. hahaha. enjoy!


This track doesn't have  as much of a story, but it was one of the first tracks i wrote as TAISUN. Lots of fun to write! Get It!

All three tracks are available for purchase on Beat Port.