The Story of the Ice Cube Bootleg [Free Download]

Way back in 2007 i made a bootleg that went really well for me, and lately i've been hearing people playing it again! So i thought i'd give away a free download. 

It was mid 2007 and i'd just watched the movie "Friday" (again). The credits rolled and the song was Ice Cube's "You Can Do It". It reminded me how much i loved that song. I decided i needed a bootleg of it that i could play in my sets. At that point I had just moved over from Break Beat to a kind of bass line house that later became known as Fidget House. I wanted a bootleg that would fit this bass heavy vibe, but still have the original hip hop tempo track as the breakdown. I knocked something up and gave it out to a few dj friends. It ended up blowing up, and I proceeded to hear it being played all over the world in my years of travel that followed. It went down so well, that i decided to make it into an original song also. I removed all the Ice Cube parts, and wrote a new breakdown. This track became "Bump Uglies". One of my most popular tracks :) 

Lately the bass line house sound or "Bass House" is really growing and it's very similar to what i was doing back then. I started hearing some DJs dropping this old bootleg again and it reminded me that i should re-post it and share with you all! So, here it is. enjoy!