Free Download 250,000 plays and counting :)

If you don't know, i started a new alias back in December 2015 called TAISUN. It's been off to an amazing start! One of the tracks is already up to 250k plays!!! Better yet, It's a Free Download too. (link at the bottom)

It is an unofficial remix i did of Justin Timberlakes "Señorita". I got the idea from DJing. There's a cool part in the break of the song that i used to mix over techno records back in 2008. It says "It feels like something's heating up" etc etc (you know the original song I'm sure). Perfect Driver Records had just signed my first EP (which you can get here) and they asked if i could do some pre promotion by making a bootleg for giveaway. I thought it was about time i made that Señorita loop into a full bootleg/remix. 

It had to sound like TAISUN. The TAISUN sound is Jackin Bass House. So i pulled out Maschine and started cutting up samples form the original left and right. The drums and bass sounds are actually taken from another TAISUN song called "Get It", but it's the timing and programming i spent a lot of time on. It had to be simple, catchy, and just swing like a MF.

Once released, It turns out it was amazingly well received!! :)  DJ Snake, & Tchami even posted this video of themselves playing it! :)

Anyway, here's the Soundcloud of the full song and a download link too. If you already got it, thanks for your support! and if you are just getting it now, i hope you enjoy!!