Get Released On BeatPort With My Remix Comp

I know a lot of people out there would like to get some tracks released on Beat Port etc, and also the chance to remix a song from an official label. So I have decided to start running remix competitions. 

The winner will be released on my label Vacation Records. This will get you onto Beat Port, Spotify, iTunes and about 200 other offical stores. 

I will upload all entires to my site where you can vote on them. The top ten finalists will be voted for by the public, and the final winner chosen by me. 

This is a bit of a test run to start with, but I am picturing to have a new competition every 1 to 2 months. 

Here's the first track, by yours truly. Due date is March 31st 2018.

These competitions are exclusively for  members of my inner Circle group. This limits the amount of entries and increases your odds of winning! So, if you are already a member...