Crytpo, Music, & Getting Paid

Although we often choose to give our music away for free, the times when we choose to sell it, can leave something to be desired.

Royalty payments payments don't match up to what you expect, and labels can be difficult etc.

I am always interested about new concepts and innovation in the music industry, and I think you likely are too. That's why I wanted to tell you about a cool new company my close friends have started.

It's called Emanate, and I am super excited to be involved with them!

Their mission is to "build a community for audio creators to collaborate and effortlessly monetize all parts of their creative workflow, connecting with each other and their fans in ways never before possible."

They are building a platform with artists, creativity and collaboration at the centre and intend to evolve the industry to be more transparent & fair for all players. Especially artists.'s the extra good news

They are giving away free tokens exclusively to industry friends! As I am one such friend of the company, I have been given permission to share this with you.

MN8 tokens will be used to access the platform so it’s important to get them into the right hands.

So, to score yourself some free tokens for a very cool new company, just click the link below.

Be quick though, there is limited time to get in on this special launch promotion freebie.

p.s. To accept the tokens you will need and ether wallet. Its easy and free to setup. There are instructions on the linked page, or just watch this video