How To Sound F@#king Amazing...Without Spending 10 Years or $10,000


How To Write Breath Taking Chord Progressions, Without Music Theory


What if you could write breath taking chord progressions, bass lines, and arpeggios, as easily as pressing a few keys? 

Discover my top 2 secret music theory hacks that make writing chord progressions fast, easy, and breath taking. 





The path to great sonics can often be unclear, & vague. Have you ever found yourself unsure if your adjustments are making things better? Ever wasted an hour tweaking something only to find your track is getting worse? 

You need a professional sound to get your tracks signed, and get DJ bookings, yet you don't have time for endless studio twiddling. The solution is to remove the ambiguity. You need a clear sonic goal, and a good start point to your mix. High quality sonics don't have to be a mystery, and they don't have to involve guess work. 

Simple Sonic Secrets is a 15 part short course to help make your music sound better with less effort and in less time.

What People Are Saying

"I recently purchased your Simple Sonic Secrets and was really impressed by the simplicity and no bullshit approach that you take with your videos. It makes learning and understanding so much easier. For me, the part about RMS & mixing your Kick & Bass to specific numbers was really eye opening. I've heard about mixing to similar numbers and tried it a little bit here and there but when I saw you go into great detail and clearly explain why you do it, it clicked with me and when I tried it out using RMS the results were pretty impressive" - Pete Maguire

"The bit on limiters was very useful. I've recently purchased the Slate bundle and didn't release how powerful the limiter was. It also helped my understanding of RMS" - Tom Clugston

"No one in my country is hitting the mark every time with subjects in musical production like you. If you explain a subject, whether it be the compressor, or just Ableton tips, there is always info I didn't know before" - DJ Marvin Bret

"You inspired me at all my productions, and your tips are amazing. This Business is very hard and there is much competition. Please give me more of your expert tips! Best regards" - DJ Blaumann

Includes free updates for life!

Course Sections: 15x Videos

  1. Intro
  2. Why Should I Reference?
  3. Know What You Are Aiming For
  4. Avoid & Organise
  5. Setup & Match Genre
  6. Metering. RMS vs Peak
  7. Matching Volume (the right way)
  8. How Loud Should Your Song Be?
  9. Matching The Key
  10. Spectrum Analysers
  11. Referencing Re-Cap
  12. Setting Up For Mixing & Mastering
  13. Limiters Compared
  14. Logic Pro X Setup
  15. Outro