Behind closed doors, I have been helping friends and peers with their music and musical careers for over 15 years. In the last year, I decided to make this available to the members of my mailing list. I work one on one with my students via Skype no matter where they are in the world. I have so much knowledge i have acquired over 17 years of my dance music career, and 5 years of Rock/Pop career previous to that, and I don't like the idea that it will just stay in my head. So, I love to be able to share what I have learnt, and help other producers with their career. 

Whatever stage you are at, there’s never a bad time to take on mentoring. It will massively accelerate your progress towards the knowledge you want and need. There are so many things i have learnt along the way that usually only come with experience. I can help you with these things. I can clarify the things you are concerned about, and clear up the things that seem ambiguous. You can skip over all of the things that are slowing you down, and confidently move into writing better music, with better sonics. Not only that but I can help you improve your chance of signing your tracks and getting your music out there. 

Having said that, I am still busy working on Bass Kleph, TAISUN, & my other secret project. So I only have limited time and places available to do this. Most of the time the Mentor program is full, but if you would like to add your name to the waiting list, please fill out the form below, and i will get back to you asap. Some examples of things I work on with my students are:


  • make your music sonically more powerful
  • build your career and get your music signed
  • Improve your mixdowns
  • Finish more music and faster
  • not lose the vibe while writing/finishing tracks
  • write catchy hooks that get tracks signed
  • arrange your tracks fast like a pro
  • increase creativity and motivation
  • complete a certain task/s in your DAW
  • improving your pad drumming
  • generally improve from where you are now, and take your music to the next level


If you want to take your music and career to the next level, leave your name on the waiting list below, and I'll contact you as soon as a  space is available.



"Really great mentoring program overall. My production skills and my knowledge of the electronic-music business have definitely improved. My motivation is at an all-time high after these sessions. Can't recommend it strongly enough!" - Fred L

"It's easy to reach a good level as a producer, but to get great at what you do it needs a lot of effort and knowledge. Bass Kleph has shown me these tiny little tricks that absolutely make the difference between a good producer and a great one! It's possible to work on your own tracks and learn from him by screen-sharing. It's like you have him sitting next to your computer! This is the stuff that sticks into your brain, the best training program I've ever attended!" - Sonic Snares

"The Bass Kleph mentorship program definitely exceeded my expectations. My biggest improvement was in the speed at which I finish tracks, which was really slowing down my production progress in general. His mix analysis was spot on, and properly adjusting the levels in all my tracks is going to really help my productions moving forward. Looking forward to test his mastering service in the future, and will continue to pay for his mix analysis' in the foreseeable future" - Kevin W

"I can't thank you enough man! Our sessions have shown me ways to develop a next level sound and build a great network. I'm more motivated than ever and I have to thank you for that as well. Thanks for helping me kick ass now and in the future man" - Promise

"Thank you so much for the last month it has been quite a blessing. I haven't learned such simplicity that has improved my artist ability like this ever! I will renew the mentor program within this week!!" - Patrick Holmes

"Bass Kleph is an amazing mentor! Very talented and professional in all aspects of the production process. Not only did he help me with my problem points of mixing and arrangement, but he dropped a TON of knowledge on the business and marketing side of dance music! I would highly recommend his mentor sessions to any aspiring producer, beginner to advanced!" - Alex Ink

"I've had a lot of time to work on mixing lately and it's been great applying all the knowledge you have shared with me. In particular, I've really enjoyed using compressors now. In the past, I had a vague understanding about how they worked, and so did everyone else who attempted to teach me. You're the first person to truly make it clear how a compressor works. So I just wanted to say thank you so much, you made it so easy for me to understand now!" - Chris Nelson

"Bass Kleph is the real deal. His experience & knowledge is unquestionable, and his openness is astounding. Consider his mentor program an all-access pass into the knowledge of a master craftsman. Ever wondered how you can get started as a producer/DJ, or are you maybe looking to take that current track to pro levels? You're covered. Have any questions about getting a track signed? No problem at all. Whatever point you're at, Bass Kleph has done it all, is among the best out there, and will help your needs at any experience level. Considering the mentor program? Look no further. After your first session, you'll be looking back on a different person.” - DJ Fujita 

"Great mentor who is highly technical and knowledgeable in the industry. Answers almost every question and provides great ideas and feedback to my tracks to make it sound much better - Shakte