Critical feedback on your music is essential, but almost nobody has access to a qualified critic. Not only can i help you with the sonic quality of your music, but i can also help you with the writing, arranging, melodies and of course drum programming. After touring the world DJing for many years, i’ve learnt a lot about what works on the dance floor and why. I’ve been giving track feedback for years. Either for the artists on my label, and even for some of my peers such as Tommy Trash, Hook N Sling, Sgt Slick, Jimi Frew, Dave Winnel and more. Feedback is delivered in the form of written text notes with time markers to reference key parts of the song. Turnaround time is between 1 hour and 1 week. Depends on the queue. If you are in a rush, contact me for a time estimate.

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Here’s an example of some Feedback i did for a customer in January 2015. This should give you and idea of what to expect. Please contact me if you have any questions or special requests for a Feedback job, and remember to check out what people are saying in Client Testimonials. You can see more of my reviews and my rating on

Nice progressive track you’ve got here! Cool energetic drop. Great synth cut ups. Nice chords, and progressions, but it might need more of a hook, or even a vocal.

I like how you’ve used a very energetic drop here. In my opinion there are currently too many progressive tracks that are little too “sleepy”, so i think you’ve found a good direction. I’d suggest to continue following the route of energetic and fresh.

Cool drop! The call and answer between the big super saw stabs and the percussive bass hits is cool, and catchy. I think you should even sonically exaggerate this contrast more.

While it’s a nice track melodically, and does have a cool drop, I still feel it lacks something that would make it easily memorable. Something that you would find stuck in your head later after listening. I think it needs a hook. Probably either a synth or a vocal. Also, the mix down is quite bright and cluttered.

Good chords and progressions! As mentioned above, I think what will take it to the next level now is a super memorable melody i.e. a hook. The two most standard things to try would be either a vocal, or a lead synth line. Most likely just in the breakdowns. Either way, you may find that the mix is so full right now, that you might have to mute/EQ some parts to make this new lead/vocal fit. Keep that in mind as you experiment.

Overall, the mix is kind busy in the top end, got power around 70Hz from the kick, but the sub below that and the mids feel missing. If you could fill out the sub and mids, and separate the high frees a bit more, it would help a lot.

Go through all your parts and check the top end. Chose some to be bright, but not all. Not every thing needs to be bright.

I feel like you are lacking some deeper sub bass power. I’d try finding a deeper kick. I like the punch of this one, but it just doesn’t seem to go low enough. Maybe you can help this with EQ though. Also, you could even try transposing the whole song down 4 semi tones. It all feels a bit high. This could give it more weight.

1:00 Cool Synth stab chords. Sound nice n solid.Possibly a little bright though.

1:15 Cool marimba type sound!

1:15 maybe side chain the Buzzy saw lead in breakdown here a bit more

1:45 drop Needs more mid range power. Feel like there is a bit of a hole around 900z. maybe try EQing those synth stabs to fill that a bit more. They feel a bit thin atm. Alternatively, a new layer in that freq range.

Those Synth stabs you use in drop might also be too stereo. They cancel out a bit in mono. Try to find a stereo plugin that pushes them wide but will still mono to a similar volume. I like “Waves CLA vocals”

Bass Synth percussive notes could be darker. They sound a little bright and thin atm. Seems like the low of the track is all kick. I think you could let a bit more bass frees from the bass notes back in too

The bass is possibly too stereo in the low freqs. Try a plug that will mono everything under 200 hz.

1:53 kick attack goes soft. also possibly at 2mins

2:15 synths feel a bit blurred together here. needs separation. try EQ. try to make sure sounds don’t over lap in frequency too much. could use a bit more side chain here too

2:45 big chords feel a bit too wet/washy with reverb here.It might just be not the best type of reverb to use. It’s hard to fit verbs in on big synths like this and still make things powerful and up front. Try out a few different verb presets. Something that still keeps the big synths up front, yet doesn’t make them feel too dry. Be careful not to let them feel like they are being pushed away into the background too much. Also, you could set the verb up as a Send/Return. Then you can side chain the Return from the Synth. That way the verb only plays in the gaps. You could also then EQ the verb to be more separated form the synth. Maybe even overdrive it a bit.

could use a bigger impact for the drops. a more dynamic mix down. Try automation to make the breakdowns a bit quieter than the drops

Good snappy arrangement! My only suggestion is at 3:45 i think you should discontinue the chord progression here and switch back to monotone for the outro. EG, stay on the root note

Not very applicable in this track. Its all about the synths. Feels good to me though. Good job!

You’ve got a great track on your hands here. With a few mix down tweaks, and a little bit of extra time on a lead synth hook/recording a vocal, you could really take this to the next level! Good job!


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