Video Feedback On Your Song


Video Feedback On Your Song


Each week I do a group call online with members of my Inner Circle and give them feedback on their music, & mixdown etc. If your song wasn't chosen or if you are not a member, you can still get a recorded video feedback here.

Here's how it works.

You will send me a link to your song. I will then record a detailed 15min screenshare video where I give feedback on what I recommend you do to take your track to next level, finish it, improve your mixdown, make it catchier etc. If necessary i will give demonstrations of plugin setting i recommend for you such as EQ, compression, master bus and so on. Right down to the exact frequency.

In Feedback Friday I spend around 10mins per song. Where as here I will go into more detail with 15mins.

Critical feedback on your music is essential, but almost nobody has access to a qualified critic. Not only can i help you with the sonic quality of your music, but i can also help you with the writing, arranging, melodies and of course drum programming. 


Below are some examples of my feedback as done in my weekly Feedback Friday sessions. Here i spend about 10mins per track, but for you I will go into more detail with 15mins.

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