(Includes FREE mastering) The process of balancing, and combining all the individual tracks of a song. If mastering is the last 10% of a track, then mixdowns are more like 40%. Especially in dance music. A weak mix down won’t get played out, or on radio, no matter how good the song is. Don’t let all your hard work go to waste. Book in a professional mix down with me and make sure your song is going to slam in the club. Turnaround time is between 1 day and 1 week. Depends on the queue. If you are in a rush, contact me for a time estimate.


  • One set of changes/adjustments is included for free
  • Additional adjustments, changes and re-bounces with new audio can be booked here.
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Here are some examples of Mixdowns we’ve done for clients. All tracks are set to the same RMS volume, so you can clearly hear the difference in tone and vibe.


  • Each file should be an audio file that is .wav or .aif. It should be either 16bit/24bit, and either 44.1kHz/48kHz. (Do not send MP3s or other reduced quality file types)
  • Try to send no more than 48 tracks
  • If an instrument has layers, bounce & combine them. e.g. If you have a piano that has 3 layers, bounce those all together as “piano”. If you have 10 tracks of FX sounds, just render them all to one stereo track.
  • Combine sounds from sections that don’t overlap. e.g. If you have a breakdown piano, & a different drop piano, and they don’t overlap, then put them all on one track called “piano” 
  • With Vocals, send one track for lead vocal, then 1 to 2 tracks for backing vocals. Group anything you can.
  • Each drum sound should be separate e.g. Kick, Snare, Clap, Hat, Conga etc, but only send one track for each drum. i.e. Please don’t send a kick made of 4 layers.
  • All files should below 0dB peak, and not clipping.
  • Leave your EQ/Reverb plugins etc switched on. If I need a version of that file with the effect bypassed, I will contact you.
  • Please compress all files together into a single .zip file
  • My preferred file transfer site is www.wetransfer.com