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David Ritt with Hit after Hit

Mentor student David Ritt has a solid new 7 track EP out! So much catchiness! This guy is going to be the next Calvin Harris! To launch the EP, he shot this epic live performance video of his song "Be Alright" Check it out!

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Play Your Next Song Live

If you are on my email list, you may have noticed me mentioning there was a new Bass Kleph track coming out soon! :) The song is called Damn Fucking Right and I’m excited to say that it will be released October 14th on Hysteria Records! Home of the Bingo Players. Not only that, but I designed the entire song from the ground up to be playable on Maschine with pad drumming. So, like my other Maschine Kits on my site, there will soon be a new one, along with an instructional video, and a sample pack.

How did I design my song to be playable on Maschine? The secret is to start with a pattern. This pattern has no sound initially. It’s just something that is easy and fun to play on the pads. e.g. My right hand could be playing the drums like usual in my songs, and my left hand could be playing a few stabs etc Once I have decided on my imaginary pattern, I record it into the sequencer (there are still no sounds assigned at this point), and afterward I start assigning sounds....

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MASCHINE demo and Q&A @ ICON Collective

A little while back I did a live Maschine demo and Q&A at Icon Collective Production School in Los Angeles. In case you missed it, here's the video that shows the Maschine Performances and Q&A session with the ICON production students. Topics covered included Maschine, live performance, how I do my thing, genres today, studio tips, and music production in general. Hope you enjoy!


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#Tbt Happy Holidays (Live Maschine Performance)

#TBT A Christmas message from Bass Kleph, and his MASCHINE.

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Live in Goa, India

live performance tour video Nov 04, 2014

I just got back from playing in Goa, India... I brought a GoPro with me to film the footage, and here's what went down! Super stoked to share this with you guys, SinQ Beach Club was mental!

MUSIC = Darude - Sandstorm (Bass Kleph Bootleg Remix) - DOWNLOAD HERE


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"Less Is More" Live on Maschine in Australia.

Wow, what a fun show! Darwin turned up for this one! Here's a video of me playing my song Less Is More, live on Maschine in Darwin, Australia. This kit is also available for purchase in the store. Hope you like!

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"Incredible" live on Maschine

Here's a 100% live, no sequencer, all finger-drumming Bass Kleph version of a track called "Incredible" by Carnage & Borgore, on Spinnin Records. Video shot & edited by Ryan Frey.

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"Atom" live on Maschine at Avalon

A 100% live, no sequencer, all finger-drumming Bass Kleph version of a track called "Atom" by Nari & Milani.

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"Epic" live on Maschine

This is the Maschine routine that started it all for me. A 100% live, no sequencer, all finger-drumming Bass Kleph version of a track called "Epic" by Quintino & Sandro Silva.

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