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Do you have a passion for creating music but feel like something's missing?

Do you have no time for lessons? and no budget?

Introducing the Inner Circle – a community of dedicated music creators who are committed to reaching new levels of success in the industry.

Our expert designed tutorials and feedback put you on the fast track to transform your sound and accelerate your career.

You only have so much time to make music. Don't waste it by doing things the wrong way, or endlessly searching for answers. Find out how to produce high quality music faster than ever before!

Join the Inner Circle now!


Your time is valuable. Don't waste it doing things the wrong way.

Our  proven clear and concise systems will show you how to produce faster and better than ever before. Say goodbye to...

❌ miss-information

❌ long boring lessons

❌ endless youtube searches that kill your vibe.


Can't afford Music Production courses?

With our subscription model we can deliver highly valuable and effective information at a price everyone can afford.

Choose from low monthly payments, or save even more with a one time purchase. 


We don't do “cookie-cutter" music training.

Our systems enhance the quality and speed of music production for ANY genre and encourage YOUR unique vibe.

Our goal is to make sure that your music stands out from the crowd with its own unique sound.

"I released my first record in only one month of being in the Inner Circle! Previously I was watching YouTube tutorials for 6 years and released nothing. If you think that you are at the level that you should deliver some music, but can not finish your tracks, Inner Circle is the missing ingredient in the recipe"

Efe Yemez

"Stu and the Inner Circle have been instrumental in getting me from making beats to signing tracks. A few months after starting Inner Circle I had the confidence in my music to send my work out to labels and I got signed right out of the gate!"

Sven Tech

"WOW, what a difference that made! After watching your videos all day yesterday and going through your plug-ins, I made such a huge difference in my track! Everything sounds so big and placed correctly!"

Chris Nesheim

"I just wanted to say thanks for the knowledge and assistance over the last year - thank you! I have my first release of 2019 coming in a couple of weeks and there are many things that I have learned in the IC that have been super helpful in my musical journey in 2018. I wish you all the best for the future in 2019 and looking forward to more analog Sol!"


"There are so many good explanations about specific topics in the videos that totally changed my approach. And the Feedback sessions are my favourites. I had 4 tracks reviewed so far and I got so many helpful comments to make my production and mixdown skills better. I’ve gained so much confidence. The Inner Circle is the perfect mentoring program for its price!"

Peter Pavlov

"Total game changer! my production level escalated tremendously, I think it’s the best course in the web to get into no doubts, if you really love music and want to make it right, this is the place to be."

Beat Effect

"After years of production experience, I had all the technical knowledge required to make a hit song. But I still didn’t have that real producer confidence I was seeking. It wasn’t till I dived into the Inner Circle treasure box when BassKleph finally demystified how to artistically apply and integrate all the technical knowledge I had accumulated over the years. Now I have real producer confidence! 5 stars!"


"The Inner Circle tutorials have taken my production to the next level! I’m planning on enrolling in the mentor program soon! "

Parkev Kalamdjian

"Been in the Inner circle for 8 months now and the video tutorials, plugins Stu offers are quality and have helped me loads, but for me the feedback Fridays are a massive help, I add my tracks now and then but watch every week as you can learn a lot just watching the tips Stu and Travis give invaluable if you ask me so thanks guys. muchas Gracias"

Laraz F

"Inner circle is an invaluable feeback chamber where you have access to many ears and minds to help you with your musical and technical direction. It really helps to compare musical notes with other sound heads producing material for release."

Mashy P

"The Inner Circle is the real deal! The fact that I can receive live feedback every week is so unique, and personal, and it’s all documented so I can go back later. Just watching the videos I have been able to really polish my production and mixing skills. The remix competitions are also a phenomenal avenue for exposure. Over all I give this resource a 10/10!"


"In an online world of so much misinformation, it can be difficult to determine whose advice to take. Thankfully, I discovered Bass Kleph's Inner Circle and it has been the most valuable resource I've ever discovered. The opportunity to receive mentorship and direct feedback from a known successful artist like Bass Kleph has accelerated my learning and production ability far beyond anything I expected or ever experienced before. If you are serious about producing better music, want specific advice on how to make your tracks better, and drastically improve your mixdowns, then joining the Inner Circle is a no-brainer."

DJ Fink

"Through the Inner Circle and Feedback Friday's I've got invaluable feedback to help me develop my tracks and a community of other producer's to talk to and collaborate with. Feedback is so important to improve your tracks and it can be hard, and isolating when you don't have a good avenue through which to get feedback. Feedback Friday's really help keep me motivated, as I always know I can get feedback on my work and continue to become a better producer through it. "


"The best decision I've made! Bass Kleph does an amazing job of explaining his approach to producing. What I learned here in such a short amount of time is invaluable and would have taken me years to learn on my own. I couldn't be happier!"

Brooklyn Fire,

"I learned how to develop a next level sound and build a great network. I'm more motivated than ever! Thanks for helping me kick ass now and in the future!"

Goons, Guru, Peak Hour, Fated, Aesthete, Run DBN, 120db

"I haven't learned such simplicity that has improved my artist ability like this ever!"

Patrick Holmes

"Bass Kleph's knowledge is second to none. He always explains everything very clearly, and that helps bring my productions up to the next level!"

Majestic Audio
Bourne, Full Tilt


Weekly Feedback

Each week we do multiple live, online group calls where we give constructive feedback on your music and you can ask questions. There are time slots to suit all time zones. 

Video Library

Our videos show you the full system of music production. From Sketching to Mixdown & Mastering. Then beyond that to how to get signed, and market yourself. Say goodbye to disjointed tips and find out exactly what to do when and why.  

Community Help

Access to The Inner Circle VIP community where you can get feedback on your music, network with international producers and ask us questions.

Mobile Study

Freedom to study when and where you please. The whole Inner Circle works perfectly on your mobile phone.

Professional Feedback To Finish Your Song, & Perfect Your Mixdown

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  • Save time with the right advice!
  • Feedback on your music multiple times a week
  • Video tutorials on mixdown, mastering, sound design, marketing, getting signed & more
  • Get answers and support in our VIP Community group
  • Learn from successful producers, not just a teachers


Filter out the noise and get the tips that work

Get Started NOW!
  • Save time with the right advice!
  • Feedback on your music multiple times a week
  • Video tutorials on mixdown, mastering, sound design, marketing, getting signed & more
  • Get answers and support in our VIP Community group
  • Learn from successful producers, not just a teachers
Get the results you want NOW! ...without endless YouTube searches, or years of trial and error


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Mixdown, Mastering, Sound Design, Marketing, Getting Signed & more!


Access To Private IC Community






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Mixdown, Mastering, Sound Design, Marketing, Getting Signed & more!


Access To Private IC Community


Weekly Feedback Sessions




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Mixdown, Mastering, Sound Design, Marketing, Getting Signed & more!


Access To Private IC Community


Weekly Feedback Sessions

SAVE $100.00! 



Try The Inner Circle Risk FREE With Our Money Back Guarantee

It’s Yours Without Risking A Penny

The proof of The Inner Circle, of course, is in the results it produces for YOU. That’s why you can go through the training AT OUR RISK.

Take the classes, attend the live feedback sessions, and ask questions in the forums. 

And if you are anything less than simply delighted with The Inner Circle and the results it gives you, just send us a quick message within 30 days and we'll refund your money in full.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Of course! Everything I offer has a 30-day, no-questions-asked guarantee. In other words, if you aren’t happy for any reason, just let me know and I’ll give you your money back. I obviously don’t think it’ll come to that, but if you’re even the least bit worried if this will work for you, put your mind at ease. You either get the results you want or you get your money back. It’s as simple as that.

Easy. You can cancel your account and any charges all by yourself. There are easy video instructions in the help/support section of my website.

The feedback sessions are every Wednesday at different times. All times are in Los Angeles time (PT). 

  • #1 - 12:00pm with Jon Pegnato

  • #2 - 1:30pm with Travis Emmons

  • #3 - 3:00pm with Haus Of Panda

We cover 6 tracks in a one hour session. Students are chosen via a randomiser.

We usually only have 6-8 people attend, so the odds of getting feedback are high.

95% of the videos will apply to all dance genres. We try not to post many genre specific things. The best techniques are the ones that are universal and don't date. We have students that write Electro, Techno, Tech House, Dubstep, Future Bass, Bass House, Moombahton, Progressive, Future House, Leftfield, and more.

Roughly between 5 mins to 30 mins. The average length is about 10 mins. 

It is setup just like our courses. You can log into your own private member area, watch and comment on videos.

This all works perfectly from your mobile too.

You can track your progress and even  mark videos and "watched" or not. 



After you sign up, you will be given access to a members area where you can find your content.

You will also be emailed some login details.


Whatever the VIP student was using. Most of them use Ableton, but a few others use Logic and Maschine. 

Yes, no problem.


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