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Producer Talk with Bass Kleph

The Music Producer Podcast

The Interview Show For Music Producers.

Producer Talk is our music production podcast. Each episode features interviews with top DJs, Music Producers, Mix Engineers, Record Labels, and more. Find out what makes them tick and learn how to make your music better, and build your career as an artist.

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Producer Talk with Bass Kleph

Our aim with producer talk is to deliver you a high quality, high level podcast that is packed with not only interesting music industry elite performers, but also full of the production tips that make the difference. 

Whether you are producing music in Ableton Live, working in post production, music technology, or a recording studio,  then these interviews will uncover the answers you are searching for.

Each week we delve into a wide range of topics that cover the production process, but also give insight into the mind and success of our special guest.





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