Maschine Kits For Finger Drumming

How To Finger Drum Like The Pros ...Without Boring Exercises!


This pack of Maschine Kits and tutorials will have you up and drumming in clubs in no time. Rather than focusing on boring exercises, All Kits teaches you how to play real signed club tracks from the start. So once you have go them down, you can be confident dropping them in the club.

You get the kits, the tutorials, the sample packs and some bonus multisample Maschine Instruments too. 


What You Are Going To Get

12 Kits / Songs

These kits are custom made for live finger drumming with smart pad placement, strong sounds, and multiple pages/groups. Each kit is made from a song signed to labels including Spinnin, Hysteria, Smash The House, Mix Mash and more!

12 Video Tutorials

12x tutorials that show you step by step how to play these custom pad drumming kits. Not only that but there are also full performance videos including some live festival and club performances too.

6 Sample Packs

6x sample packs have been carefully organized, named, and setup for you so you can use these samples in your other DAW too. e.g. Ableton, Logic, FL Studio, Reason, Pro Tools and more.

8 Instruments

There is even 8x multi-sampled Maschine instruments. I have recorded many notes from my synths, at many pitches, so you can replay your own bass, leads and more, as if you had the same synth as me.

"Stu, I consider this the best few bucks I've spent in a long time. Thanks for the knowledge, and great music!"

Phil Whye

12x Kits From Monster Record Labels


Spinnin Records / Oxygen


Hysteria Records

That's What's Up

Hysteria Records

Raise Up Lights

Megaton Records

Somebody Should Have Told You

Mix Mash / OTW

Damnn Fucking Right


Tommy's Dream

Smash The House Records

Less Is More

Vacation Records

Summer Electro

Vacation Records

Make Me Forget

Vacation Records

Sweet Zombie

Vacation Records

Stormy Bootleg

Vacation Records


Why Learn From Me? - 6,000,000 reasons

This video alone has over 6 million views on YouTube, and I have plenty more too. 

You see, I have been performing live finger drumming at big shows since 2012. I've toured all over the world. 33 countries to be precise. 

So you know that these kits and my finger drumming techniques have been road tested in real world situations. 

Check out the video for yourself. This was actually the first time i ever played this song live. So i was pretty nervouse, but it still had a great result!

It’s Yours Without Risking A Penny

We know you are going to love these Kits, sounds and tutorials in All Kits, but if you find your self unhappy with the kits and content in this product, just let us know within 30 days and we'll refund you 100%. 

Contact Us Here


Frequently Asked Questions

After purchase you will receive access to ALL KITS in your member product area. From there you can download the Kits, Sample Packs, Maschine Instruments, and also watch the video performances and tutorials.

For normal use, yes. The kits are in Maschine file format.

Otherwise, you can still use the samples in your DAW / other drum machine / sampler. It would just mean that you have to map and se.t them up yourself

No. You will need Maschine v2.x to run these kits

It is as hard or as easy as you like. 

If you play it the same way as me, then some of the kits will be quite challenging. Some are still quite simple though too.

However, you don't have to play it the same way as me. You can use my way as a guide and improvise from there.


Most of the original songs are Electro House /EDM with a little Trap too. 

However,  you can play these samples back in so many different ways that it can sounds like many other genres too. 

e.g. Bass House, Future Bass, Progressive House, Classic House, Techno and more

Yes, of course.

I am very confident that you will love these kits and tutorial videos and get a lot of benefit from it, but if not, just let me know within 30 days and I will refund you in full. 


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