Music Producer Mentoring

It's All About YOU

From day one til you get signed to your dream label, and beyond. 

Our mentor program is 100% customised to you. Your music, your struggles, your goals, and your success.

We cover all genres of electronic music, and work with everyone from Elite Touring Producers, to Beginners that want to accelerate their music production and avoid bad habits.

Whether learning how to get a pro mixdown sound, write catchy #1 hits, dominate the underground, or even just lift your game enough to make yourself happy and impress your friends.


We Teach You How To...

Sound Amazing

Advanced Mixdown Training. Get that clean, punchy, full and professional sound to your music

Be Unique

Define your own sound, make your songs unique and memorable.

Save Time

Learn workflow techniques the pros use to finish music faster.

Finish More

Get past your roadblocks and easily finish song after song.

Be Creative

Crush writers block and learn how to write great music any time you want.

Be Motivated

Find your true motivation and access it whenever you want. 

Build A Fanbase

Promote yourself in a natural way that builds a huge and passionate fan following on social media

Build A Network

Connect with the music industry people that matter. The ones that can make your dreams come true.

Get Signed

Get your music signed to your dream record label, and learn the music business.

Get Played

Get your tracks played by top level famous DJs

Get Booked

Start performing, become a touring DJ, and learn about booking agents. We help artists with all of these things.

Get Paid

Learn your streams for earning money, like live shows, record deals, streaming services, selling merchandise, and more.

"Bass Kleph has helped me tremendously with my music and I never thought I could get here so fast. Before, I was getting stuck a lot on songs. I wasn't able to finish anything. I was also doing a lot of the wrong techniques, just from whatever I read on the internet or heard from someone else. Now, things are amazing! I can get songs finished faster than I ever thought possible.! I've gotten tracks signed, and I've gotten support on my tracks at Ultra, EDC, and Tomorrowland this year. It feels surreal!"

Haus Of Panda
Brooklyn Fire

"After watching hundreds hours of tutorials and "In the studio with..." videos I realised I reached a plateau and I needed to do something different to level up my skills. It's crazy how much the quality of my music improved since I learnt from Bass Kleph, and I finally started signing tracks on labels instead of hearing endless "Sorry, not for us"

Showland, Big Fish, Peak Hour

"The best decision I've made! Bass Kleph does an amazing job of explaining his approach to producing. What I learned here in such a short amount of time is invaluable and would have taken me years to learn on my own. I couldn't be happier!"

Brooklyn Fire

"I learned how to develop a next level sound and build a great network. I'm more motivated than ever! Thanks for helping me kick ass now and in the future!"

Goons, Guru, Peak Hour, Fated, Aesthete, Run DBN, 120db

"It's easy to reach a good level as a producer, but to get great at what you do it needs a lot of effort and knowledge. Bass Kleph has shown me these tiny little tricks that absolutely make the difference between a good producer and a great one! This is the stuff that sticks into your brain, the best training program I've ever attended!"

Sonic Snares
The best training program I've ever done!

"I haven't learned such simplicity that has improved my artist ability like this ever!"

Patrick Holmes

"Bass Kleph's knowledge is second to none. He always explains everything very clearly, and that helps bring my productions up to the next level!"

Majestic Audio
Bourne, Full Tilt

"It definitely exceeded my expectations. My biggest improvement was in the speed at which I finish tracks, which was really slowing down my production progress in general."

Jaguar Nights
"Exceeded my expectations!"

"WOW, what a difference that made! After watching your videos all day yesterday and going through your plug-ins, I made such a huge difference in my track! Everything sounds so big and placed correctly!"

Chris Nesheim

"Really great mentoring program overall. My production skills and my knowledge of the electronic-music business have definitely improved. My motivation is at an all-time high after these sessions. Can't recommend it strongly enough!""

Dash Colorado
"I can't recommend it strongly enough!"

"The Mentoring program gave me so much good information that I'm always using. Just being able to ask any question and have an answer is perfect and helped me so much. I feel like I'm making music faster and better now because of the program"

"I'm making music faster and better now"

"I've had a lot of time to work on mixing lately and it's been great applying all the knowledge you have shared with me. In particular, I've really enjoyed using compressors now. In the past, I had a vague understanding about how they worked, and so did everyone else who attempted to teach me. You're the first person to truly make it clear how a compressor works. So I just wanted to say thank you so much, you made it so easy for me to understand now!"

Chris Nelson
"The first person to truly make it clear"

"Bass Kleph is the real deal. His experience & knowledge is unquestionable, and his openness is astounding. Consider his mentor program an all-access pass into the knowledge of a master craftsman. Ever wondered how you can get started as a producer/DJ, or are you maybe looking to take that current track to pro levels? You're covered. Have any questions about getting a track signed? No problem at all. Whatever point you're at, Bass Kleph has done it all, is among the best out there, and will help your needs at any experience level. Considering the mentor program? Look no further. After your first session, you'll be looking back on a different person"

DJ Fujita
"An all-access pass into the knowledge of a master craftsman"

"Having Bass Kleph as my mentor has been priceless. He has great experience and knowledge to offer about the music industry. I have saved so much time because he gives me excellent suggestions on how I can bring my ideas to life and grow as an artist. If you are serious about music, this mentoring program will be an excellent resource for you"

"I have saved so much time because he gives me excellent suggestions "

"Great mentor who is highly technical and knowledgeable in the industry. Answers almost every question and provides great ideas and feedback to my tracks to make it sound much better"

"Highly technical and knowledgeable in the industry"


1 on 1 Training

Work directly with your mentor. Focus on the things you need to learn and don't waste time on what you already know.

Custom Tailored Program

A custom tailored program based on your level, genre, and goals.

Share Screens & Audio

2 way screen & audio sharing to demonstrate our techniques and see your DAW too.

VIP Email Communication

Unlimited VIP email communication with your mentor between sessions

All Genres Covered

We have coached producers of every genre. EDM, House, Future Bass, Techno, Pop, Trap, Dubstep, Drum n Bass, Progressive, Tech House, Bass House and many more.

Achieve You Goals

We will set goals for the month, the year, and beyond. We will be there to push you and show you a road map to get you there as fast as possible.

Actionable Steps

We will give the exact steps to follow to achieve your musical goals and get to the next level.

Record Your Session

Ability to record your session so you can reference it later.

550+ Video Lessons

Access to our private Inner Circle group with 550+ Video tutorials. These are the top tips and real nuggets of gold that make a difference. Everything from mixdown to music theory and beyond.

Weekly Feedback

Each week we do 3x live, online group calls where I give feedback on your music and you can ask questions. There are multiple 1hr time slots available to suit all time zones. Students tracks are chosen via a randomizer but usually, everyone gets feedback. If you miss out there are 2 more sessions.

Community Help

Access to The Inner Circle Producer Community where you can get feedback on your music, network with international producers and ask us questions.

Easy Online Booking System

Book online easily and find time slots in your local time zone. No matter where you live.

Meet Our  Mentors

Bass Kleph

  • a.k.a. Analog Sol / TAISUN
  • Multiple #1 records on
  • Released on Spinnin, Armada, Fools Gold, Mobilee, Ultra, Toolroom, Hysteria, Defected, Smash The House,  Definitive, Ministry Of Sound, CR2, Mixmash, Warner, Sony, EMI, Universal and many many more.
  • Performed in 33 countries
  • First record released in 2003
  • Living off dance music since 2004


  • Trained With =  SAE (Los Angeles), IO Academy (Los Angeles), Mike Monday, ILL Gates, and of course Bass Kleph.
  • Released On = Mobilee, Weapons (UK), Perfect Driver, House of Hustle, Something Different Again, Art Dept, Field Notes, Vacation Records, KNM.
  • Has DJ Support From = Rodriguez Jr., Steve Bug, Gramophonedzie, Joseph Capriati, Paco, Osuna, Kyle Watson, Anna Lunoe, Richy Ahmed, Vanilla Ace, Francois K, Juliet Sikora, BOT, Thee Cool Cats, Rich Wakley, Karlos, Mathias, and Sascha Funke.
  • Shows Played = Ultra Music Festival, Burning Man, Hollywood Palladium, Groove Cruise, Avalon, Create, XIV, Sound, XS (Las Vegas), Tao (Las Vegas), OMNIA, Cosmic World, AWOL Cabo, CDLC (Barcelona), Odessa Bar (Berlin), and so many more

"Well, I have to say Travis gives a good class in this 1 hr! You get lots done. I put what I learn into my other tracks that I am working on and it was a big difference" - Jay R

  • Get The Results You Want, Without The Wait
  • Custom Training Based On Your Specific Needs
  • Start Achieving Your Goals Today

Student Interview: HAUS OF PANDA


"The experience has been amazing!"

"Bass Kleph has helped me tremendously with my music and I never thought I could get here that fast. Before, I was getting stuck a lot on songs. Stuck in the loop as they say. I wasn't really able to finish anything. I was also doing a lot of the wrong techniques, just from whatever I read on the internet or heard from someone else. Now, things are amazing! I can get songs finished a lot faster. Faster than I ever thought I could, and I've gotten tracks signed, I've gotten support on my tracks at Ultra, EDC, and Tomorrowland this year. It feels surreal!"


  • Get The Results You Want, Without The Wait
  • Custom Training Based On Your Specific Needs
  • Start Achieving Your Goals Today



Try Our Mentor Program Risk FREE With Our Money Back Guarantee

It’s Yours Without Risking A Penny

The proof of our Mentor Program, of course, is in the results it produces for YOU. That’s why you can go through the training AT OUR RISK.

Take the classes, watch the videos, and ask questions in the forums.

And if you are anything less than simply delighted with your Mentoring  and your results, send us a quick email before your second lesson and we’ll refund your money in full, no questions asked.


  • Get The Results You Want, Without The Wait
  • Custom Training Based On Your Specific Needs
  • Start Achieving Your Goals Today


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you will get this upon signing up, but you must complete 4x mentor sessions to keep Inner Circle for free for life. 

If you cancel before your 4th mentor session, your Inner Circle will be canceled too.

Currently there is a choice of Bass Kleph and Travis Emmons.

We teach all styles of electronic music. We have students that write EDM, Techno, Trap, Deep House, Electro, Hip Hop, Melodic Tech House, Pop, Dubstep, Future Bass, Bass House, Moombahton, Progressive, Future House, Leftfield, and more.

As long as there is a free space available, you can start right away. This is custom training for you, so we work around your needs.

Short term, or long term. It's flexible and up to you. You can cancel anytime. However, we recommend to do at least 4 sessions. 

Travis is usually on PST time doing session in the day time on weekdays.

Bass Kleph is usually on Barcelona time doing session in the day time on weekdays.

If you are worried your time might not be covered just let us know, and we'll try to organise a special time for you.


You choose to do it once a month, twice a month, or every week. You can pause cancel or change this at anytime.

The video calls are run via some special software called ZOOM. It's an easy to use meeting software we  purchased that is free for you to use. It lets us share our screens, DAWs, and audio. We can demonstrate techniques and you can show us what is happening in your DAW. You can also record the whole thing to watch again later.

They are one hour long. In between each session you can watch the included Inner Circle video tutorials. There are currently 550+ videos. Your mentor will choose the topics you should focus on.

Of course! Everything I offer has a 30-day, no-questions-asked guarantee. In other words, if you aren’t happy for any reason, just let me know and I’ll give you your money back. I obviously don’t think it’ll come to that, but if you’re even the least bit worried if this will work for you, put your mind at ease. You either get the results you want or you get your money back. It’s as simple as that.

Easy. You can cancel your account and any charges all by yourself. There are easy video instructions in the help/support section of my website.

Aside from the Mentoring, you also get access to the Inner Circle. This gets you 3x feedback sessions each week! 

Currently feedback sessions are every Friday at 3 different times.

  • 8 pm Sydney time
  • 10 am Los Angeles time
  • 6 pm Los Angeles time

They are spread out so that basically every time zone should be covered. 

We cover 6 tracks in a one hour session. Students are chosen via a randomiser.

We usually only have 6-8 people attend, so the odds of getting feedback are high.

If you miss out, there are always the other 2 sessions.

After you sign up, you will be given access to the inner circle members area where you can find your content.

You will also be emailed some login details.


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