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Breath Taking Chord Progressions, Without Music Theory....

What you'll get:

  • Easy Chords Plugin
  • Contains 192 chords! 16 musically matching chord sets with 12 chords each
  • Major & Minor chords
  • Ability to transpose by octave and semitone
  • Bass Mode for quick and easy bass line parts
  • Arpeggiator with different styles, speeds, and note lengths
  • Easy to use! No need to route MIDI to different channels

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Easy Stereo

What you'll get:

  • Super wide stereo expansion that folds down to perfect mono!
  • 4 unique stereo widening methods
  • 3 adjustment parameters
  • Ability to create the perfect unique stereo for any instrument in your song
  • No more phase cancelation and volume dropping issues
  • No more comb filtering in mono
  • No more tilted HAAS effect problems
  • Easy to use! Only 8 knobs

30 Day Guarantee!

No question asked 30 day refund guaranteed. If you are unhappy for any reason, get your money back. Rock solid guarantee...

Nb: Tested On Ableton V9.7 & Up Only

What People Are Saying:

This plugin in sick!


This might be the best thing you have ever done!

Dan Aux

Just wanted to say thank you for this plugin. It is absolutely incredible how it sums to mono 100% perfectly. The techniques and combinations of Ableton plugins are so creative and effective it's amazing! Thanks for everything you do and make. I was using "easy wash out" on all of my projects and I will probably be using easy stereo on all of them going forward!

Andrew Paletz

I love Easy Stereo! It's the only plugin that can take a completely mono signal and make it sound lush and super wide in several different flavors, all while still retaining the mono compatibility perfectly.


I initially purchased Easy Stereo with the intent to dissect it, learn the techniques, and emulate on my own. Once I dug in, I realized there is way too much there to emulate! It’s my go-to widener now.


I no longer get the frustrating feeling when a mix falls apart when collapsed to mono. Easy Stereo is already fixing a lot of problems and has given me so much more confidence that my tracks will be playable in a live environment.

Rich Ellis

I wanna thank you for The Easy Stereo plug-in! I use Easy Stereo in every song. It’s incredible in helping to put sounds in the right position without losing the mono compatibility - many thanks for helping me to bring more clarity to my mixes!

Sonnen Deck

I love Easy Stereo! It really wakes up vocals, brings everything out in the mix and sounds great!

Birthday Jeff