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16x video classes will teach you how to:
  • Know exactly what you are aiming for in your mixdown
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  • Know when your mix is good, and when it's done
  • Make mixing easier and more fun
  • Have super powerful upfront drums
  • Get a super loud mixdown

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  • Hundreds of video tutorials
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What People Are Saying:

“I released my first record in only one month of being in the Inner Circle! Previously I was watching YouTube tutorials for 6 years and released nothing. If you think that you are at the level that you should deliver some music, but can not finish your tracks, Inner Circle is the missing ingredient in the recipe”

Efe Yemez

“Stu and the Inner Circle have been instrumental in getting me from making beats to signing tracks. A few months after starting Inner Circle I had the confidence in my music to send my work out to labels and I got signed right out of the gate!”

Sven Tech

“I just sat in my first feedback Friday! I just wanted to say thank you! It was really really good! Really nice atmosphere good vibe, and much much better information than the other online education I've taken part in! Really solid advice given from a place of knowledge and experience! Really appreciate it man!”

Rowan (Borme65)

“The Inner Circle tutorials have taken my production to the next level! I’m planning on enrolling in the mentor program soon! ”

Parkev Kalamdjian

“Total game changer! my production level escalated tremendously, I think it’s the best course in the web to get into no doubts, if you really love music and want to make it right, this is the place to be.”

Beat Effect

“WOW, what a difference that made! After watching your videos all day yesterday and going through your plug-ins, I made such a huge difference in my track! Everything sounds so big and placed correctly!”

Chris Nesheim

“After years of production experience, I had all the technical knowledge required to make a hit song. But I still didn’t have that real producer confidence I was seeking. It wasn’t till I dived into the Inner Circle treasure box when BassKleph finally demystified how to artistically apply and integrate all the technical knowledge I had accumulated over the years. Now I have real producer confidence! 5 stars!”