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Prolific Music Production

How To Finish Great Songs Fast,

...Without Sacrificing Quality.

What You Are Going To Learn:

  • How to manage perfectionism and KNOW when your song is finished, without sacrificing quality.

  • How to turn a one bar loop into a singe song in minutes!

  • How to crush writers block and know exactly what to do next, without losing motivation.

  • How to always know what to do next and never get stuck with an unfinished confusing song.

  • How to maintain interest over time without adding more parts.

  • How to build massive tension and huge drops without hours and days of work.

  • Plus, question time with Bass Kleph! Get answers to your questions on finishing more music.

This course was recorded live in front of a live online audience. 

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Melodic Secrets

Make Your Music Timeless, Memorable, And Unforgettable.

Learn how to...
  • ✅  Write Amazing, Unique Chord Progressions And Melodies
  • ✅  Get The Music In Your Head Into Your Daw
  • ✅  Make Your Chords Captivating, And Melodies Memorable
  • ✅  Write Songs That Accurately Reflect Your Intended Emotions
  • ✅  Feel More Confident Making New Songs
  • ✅  Know Exactly Where To Start
  • ✅  Become Satisfied And Proud Of Your Music
  • ✅  Unlock Your Full Songwriting Potential


Very happy with it! Nice way of explaining and it’s handy to see all those examples with midi included. I've learned music theory before, but here it becomes very clear how to apply it.

Sjoerd van Heumen

Crazy course guys! Probably the best on the planet for the subject. Well done!

Unai (Anade)

It’s exactly what I needed to get the constant groove going

Ilya (Ilyeah)