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Breath Taking Chord Progressions, Without Music Theory....

What you'll get:

  • 192 chords! 16 musically matching chord sets with 12 chords each
  • Major & Minor chords
  • Ability to transpose by octave and semitone
  • Bass Mode for quick and easy bass line parts
  • Arpeggiator with different styles, speeds, and note lengths
  • Easy to use! No need to route MIDI to different channels

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Simple Sonic Secrets

Take The Mystery Out Of Mixing

16x video classes will teach you how to:
  • Know exactly what you are aiming for in your mixdown
  • Get the right frequency balance for your genre
  • Know when your mix is good, and when it's done
  • Make mixing easier and more fun
  • Have super powerful upfront drums
  • Get a super loud mixdown

30 Day  Guarantee!

No question asked 30 day refund guaranteed. If you are unhappy for any reason, get your money back. Rock solid guarantee...

What People Are Saying:

This has helped heaps! As you said, this takes a lot of guessing out the process!

Johan Spelt

This was fantastic! Now my mixes are finally starting to be as loud as I want them to be!

Ageha Mist

For someone newer to producing this was really helpful. I've learned more in the past couple months than I learned the previous year trolling YouTube tutorials. I've joined your Inner Circle too, and I've really enjoyed watching the videos. Thanks again!

Andrew Smith

I've been learning from youtube tutorials for three years, but until now, I was never confident to bring my dreams into reality. The tips in Simple Sonic Secrets were so vital! I can now make my music sound the way I hear it in my head!

Des aka Descend

Loved every bit of it! I liked how short, and to the point the course was. The section on limiters was spot on. You've helped me so much on my own productions and I really appreciate what you do! I am always referring back to this site for inspiration and ideas all the time. You're the man!

Cameron (I Exist)

Super useful! ...and a great deal. I was having issues with tonal balance in my mixes, and this was really helpful. The starting point was a useful tip. I had been struggling with a starting point and how loud that should be on the master bus.

Eric Paul

This is easily the best topic to go over, and I'm very glad I bought the package. When I first started out, I caught on that it's all about levels, but I never did more research about "volume." I'll be purchasing the mentoring in a short time. Thanks again!

Nibiru Dashto

Incredible knowledge for an excellent price. I am super satisfied with the course! You explained everything in such logical detail that even the average hobbyist can use your course for their benefit. Thanks again!

Chuckie Turner

Simple Sonic Secrets was very helpful for me. I never knew the importance of referencing before, and it has already helped me a lot. I also really learned a lot from your mixing lesson and determining how much the kick and bass can change a tracks loudness. Thank you!

Ross Mintzer

I really liked it and you gave me great tips. I felt that you really wanted to help me. I’m going to be one of the best producers and I promise that I will make u proud and give back to u as well :)

Ardalan GH

I recently purchased your Simple Sonic Secrets and was impressed by the simplicity and no bullshit approach that you take with your videos. It makes learning and understanding so much easier. For me, the parts about RMS & mixing your Kick & Bass to specific numbers were eye-opening. I've heard about mixing to similar numbers and tried it a little bit here and there but when I saw you go into great detail and clearly explain why you do it, it clicked with me, and when I tried it out using RMS the results were pretty impressive

Pete Maguire