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Melodic Secrets

Make Your Music Timeless, Memorable, And Unforgettable.

  • Write Amazing, Unique Chord Progressions And Melodies
  • Get The Music In Your Head Into Your Daw
  • Make Your Chords Captivating, And Melodies Memorable
  • Write Songs That Accurately Reflect Your Intended Emotions
  • Feel More Confident Making New Songs
  • Know Exactly Where To Start
  • Unlock Your Full Songwriting Potential

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60 Min Songs

Song Writing Tips For People With No Free Time

Learn how to...
  • make your beats feel expensive
  • give your songs an instant feeling of Wow
  • make your melodies and chords sound advanced and musical
  • write multiple songs a day
  • find and maintain endless creativity
  • Get more done, in less time
  • instantly play and write in any key with Jon special music theory hack 
  • feel confident and ready for collaborations
  • avoid burnout and easily finish any song



Amazing course! I put it into practice and I too made a song in 60 minutes! This course has been an eye opener and more than i was expecting! Absolutely mind blowing. Things I took for granted, have a whole new meaning to me now.

Vinny George

I’ve been really impressed with everything so far! 👍🏼 It helped me speed up, build solid foundations, and finish more tracks. I love the tips on audio programming, MIDI vocal slicing, circle of 5ths and matching my kick/parts/groove to my reference tracks.

Ian Williams

It was awesome! The circle of fifths hack was mind blowing. 🙌 Thank you guys for putting this together. Game changer 🔥

Alex Blady

It was really good I have enjoyed it. I like the way you guys have explained groove. Thanks for the great information guys! well done!

Aslam (purple Edge Rec)

The biggest things for me were the speed hacks. I think i do spend a lot of time on ideas which are not that good and end up not releasing so i’ve been focussing on getting ideas down with these new techniques. I love the circle of 5th’s trick too. It’s not like any other one i’ve seen before. Another thing which has helped is the groove side of things. It’s very easy just to stick on Swing on the Master in Maschine but Jon’s techniques are something else. Loving this!


"Great course! The biggest takeaways for me were the Groove section, it’s made a big difference already! Plus the technique for writing quickly. It’s a really cool trick that I’ve never thought of before”

Michael Bues

“Straight off the bat, it's frikin great!!”

James Hopkinson

There’s some really good info on groove. It helped me a lot! Thanks guys!

Michael Engstrom

"I learned so much already and my progress doubled!"

Clemens W

It has absolutely helped me! I am half way through and already learning a lot!

Adam Lopez