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Make Epic Build Ups With Easy Wash Out

As used by: KSHMR, Chris Lake, NGHTMRE, Tommy Trash, 12th Planet, Panda Eyes, Peking Duk, Funkagenda, Cazztek, Tom Hades, Micky Slim, & more! 

I created this Ableton macro plugin as a free Xmas gift a while back. I made it to do all your build up effects automation with one simple knob.

<<< Watch the video to see it in action

Then... save yourself hours working on buildups

and download Easy Wash Out now





Sample Any Kick Drum, From Any Song (almost)

Kick Thief makes it easy to sample a kick from your favorite song, even when it has loads of parts going on.

<<< Watch the video to see it in action

Download Kick Thief NOW! 




Make Sound Design Easy  With This Incredible Riser Patch

Custom built, 8 macro, NI Massive patch.

<<< Watch the video to see it in action

Download Easy Rise FX NOW!




Free Guides

FREE E-Book: How To Finish More Music, & FAST!

24 Tips To Help You…

- Break Out Of The Loop
- Crush Writers Block
- & Put An End To Endless Tweaking



Free Music Producer Tutorials & Courses

Ableton Live 10: Echo Mini Course 

This 10 part mini course covers real world use cases and settings for using Ableton's Echo plugin on vocals, lead synths, and more. Plus advanced sound design tricks and all the presets I made are downloadable.

Check out the YouTube intro video to the left, then...

get the FREE advanced mini  course and presets here.



How To Write Breath Taking Chords... ...Without Music Theory

What if you could write breath taking chord progressions, bass lines, and more, by pressing a few keys?

Discover my top 2 music theory tricks that make chords fast, easy, and breath taking.




Get Super Wide Stereo... Without Any Mono Problems

Stereo field is a huge part of every modern song/mixdown. But, few people know that using the wrong kind of stereo widener or settings can damage your song.

Adding stereo width with stereo imaging such as mid side, and haas effect can cause phasing issues, mono compatibility problems and mixdown problems.

Watch this free tutorial video and learn how to make sounds wide even from a mono source. THEN...AFTERWARDS, GET THAT PLUGIN I USED

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Bass Kleph Music Producer Community

This is a place where you can ask questions, meet each other, and grow as music producers together.

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