LEARN NOW >>> How To Sound [email protected]#king Amazing... Without Spending 10 Years or $10,000

How To Sound [email protected]#king Amazing...

...Without Spending 10 Years or $10,000. 


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"Bass Kleph has helped me tremendously with my music and I never thought I could get here that fast. Before, I was getting stuck a lot on songs. Stuck in the loop as they say. I wasn't really able to finish anything. I was also doing a lot of the wrong techniques, just from whatever I read on the internet or heard from someone else. Now, things are amazing! I can get songs finished a lot faster. Faster than I ever thought I could, and I've gotten tracks signed, I've gotten support on my tracks at Ultra, EDC, and Tomorrowland this year. It feels surreal!"

Haus Of Panda
The experience has been amazing!

"After watching hundreds hours of tutorials and "In the studio with..." videos I realised I reached a plateau and I needed to do something different to level up my skills. It's crazy how much the quality of my music improved since I learnt from Bass Kleph, and I finally started signing tracks on labels instead of hearing endless "Sorry, not for us"

"I finally started signing tracks on labels"

"It's easy to reach a good level as a producer, but to get great at what you do it needs a lot of effort and knowledge. Bass Kleph has shown me these tiny little tricks that absolutely make the difference between a good producer and a great one! This is the stuff that sticks into your brain, the best training program I've ever attended!"

Sonic Snares
The best training program I've ever done!

FREE Ableton Plugin "Easy Wash Out" 

As used by: NGHTMRE, Tommy Trash, Chris Lake, 12th Planet, Peking Duk, Funkagenda, Cazztek, Micky Slim, & more!

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As used by: NGHTMRE, Tommy Trash, Chris Lake, 12th Planet, Peking Duk, Funkagenda, Cazztek, Tom Hades, Micky Slim, & more!

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