Reviews & Testimonials

"I’ve just signed a track to Armada! Your training, feedback and tips on that one made a big difference right from the initial demo!"

Henry Carlin

"After learning from Bass Kleph I got signed to Brooklyn Fire and got support on my tracks at Ultra, EDC, and Tomorrowland! It feels surreal!"

Haus Of Panda
Brooklyn Fire

"I got two tracks signed by Black Hole recordings since doing The Road To Main Stage! Wanted to share the great news! "

Black Hole Recordings

"Bass Kleph has shown me tricks that absolutely make the difference between a good producer and a great one! This is the best training program I've ever attended!"

Sonic Snares
FST N' FWRD Records

"It's crazy how much the quality of my music improved since I learned from Bass Kleph, and I finally started signing tracks on labels!"

Showland Records, Big Fish Records

"I just signed 4 songs with Blanco Y Negro Music! I think I found the secret ingredient! 😃"

Blanco Y Negro

"Just wanted to say I got a track signed by Brooklyn fire after doing The Road To Main Stage! 🔥 Thank you for making this course man! It’s such a gold mine 🔥🔥🔥"

Brooklyn Fire

The Road To Main Stage

I now have five #1’s on Traxsource in Techno and I plan to make more! Thank you for the classes! - Dirty Dan
I got my first record signed just 2 months after finishing The Road To Main Stage! - Giovanni Whelan
I just want to say right off the bat-great program. I've been to music school for engineering and learned a lot over the years but this course really was a breakthrough for me. The tracks I've been putting out have really evolved in a short amount of time. - RadHaz
Wanted to share the great news! I got two tracks signed by Black Hole recordings since doing The Road To Main Stage - Phyzxx
I just signed 4 songs with Blanco Y Negro Music! I think I found the secret ingredient 😃 - Amulek
I've developed my production skills, very fast, and not quit a single week! I'm now finishing an album of 10 original songs!  Your course was very helpful mate! - Joelo 
Gotta say that The Road To Main Stage has been an eye opener and that you’ve made it incredibly easy to make music production a follow along process. Whereas in the past I would always get stuck at different points. - Roy Chan
The Road To Main Stage is kickass! I started the course with very minimal experience and now I'm light years ahead!! - Justin Walsh
I absolutely loved The Road To Main Stage, and it has helped me a ton! I also loved 60 minute songs. If you release any more courses I'd buy them right away! - DJ B Murda
A clear process is exactly what I was missing, and now I have it. :) I made so much progress in the last year it's insane... Finally, I know what to do if I'm stuck. The Road To Main Stage is the best music course I have ever taken. Hands down. - Stefan Cigusievici
The Road To Main Stage helped me take my first step to becoming a part time producer which, after i put in the work, lead to full time! - Ryan Gengler
The Road to main stage gave us incredible acceleration in sound producing! Our music and sound is much better! I finally understand how to make the musical ideas that are in my head. 🙏 - Illia Kvasoff
Newest track is out now! It's sick having The Road To Main Stage to quickly check back through if I'm unsure of anything - Alex Cullen
Thanks for putting this program together. Every time i watch The Road To Main Stage videos a new light bulb goes off and wish i would have learned that sooner. I like your path of least resistance approach to production - Milton Juarez 
I’ve just signed a track to Armada! Your training, feedback and tips on that one made a big difference right from the initial demo! - Henry Carlin
Just wanted to say I got a track signed by Brooklyn fire after doing The Road To Main Stage! 🔥 Thank you for making this course man! and I oddly wish it’s making you filthy rich because it’s such a gold mine 🔥🔥🔥 -Vinny George
With your guidance, my song Horizon has hit #1 on the Spinnin Records Talent Charts! - Chris MAC - Chris McLaughlin 
I just wanted to thank you personally for putting together an awesome course. I’ve had 5 releases so far this year with Toco International and you’re course has given me the missing pieces! - Scott-E
You really inspired me and I love the value you provide! I'm currently enrolled in SAE audio engineering school in Atlanta. I gotta tell you man your online production school is the truth. It's a shame that I paid $30,000 to go to SAE as your info has been much more helpful. - Profexor X
This just simplified years of learning in 30 min.. - Adam Cox
Stu! You are the man!! The Road To Main Stage was everything I was looking for and more. Your knowledge and explanations of every aspect and detail of this course were awesome. I have learned an incredible amount and can't wait to start releasing bangers!!! Thank you!! - Jon Listro
You are awesome! I love the clarity in your explanations. You’ve helped me learn things instantly, that I never learned with years of watching YouTube. thank you! - Blake Tull
I can’t thank you enough for all your help, I feel like I now have the confidence to make better decisions when putting tracks together. I couldn’t be happier. Being able to watch the lessons over and over is a great bonus. Thanks!!! - Andy Fuentes
For me, the benefit of this lockdown was clearly to subscribe to this incredible "The Road To Main Stage". After so many years of hoping to one day produce electronic music, I now have my first track! No loops. Only Midi. I've even done my first decent mastering! - Cedric Delport
I absolutely loved The Road To Main Stage course. I love learning and you make it so much fun! Very concise and jam-packed with awesome tips! Great work man! I am keen for the advanced mixing course! - Dylan Wilson
I had a huge improvement thanks to your lessons! I’ve learned how to work faster and better, without wasting time on useless things. - Fabiano
I can say wholeheartedly that The Road To Main Stage has helped me tremendously, most importantly the focus on composition with the frequency spectrum in mind and evolving a loop to longer phrases and eventually to an arrangement. I love how you focus on productivity and the functional side of things to not get bogged down by endless tweaking. - Kimman
I want to say big thanks as The Road To Main Stage course is wonderful! I've been producing for 11 years and I only now realize why It used to take me so long to finish music. TRTMS is a huge time saver and it made my studio time so much easier and so much more fun. I can't thank you enough man! - Eden Levy
Just wanted to say thank you for The Road To Main Stage! I have found the course excellent and exactly what I needed! I really love the time saver suggestions like Instrument racks for Kicks, Snares, HiHats, etc...I run through the course every time I'm working on a new tune. Kinda like a guide that I can reference to keep me on track. I'm a married man, with 2 kids, a full-time job, and a very limited time schedule. In the past, I would have been lucky to get 2-3 songs done in a year. Now since starting the course 6 months ago, I've finished 6 new tunes! That's one a month! For me, that's enough evidence to show the value of this course! - David Carroll
I had previously been taught one or two popular methods for how to start and finish songs, but it was such an arduous task that I was beginning to wonder if I even liked music production! Just one lesson in on The Road To Main Stage and I knew I made a game-changing decision. The returns you get from this program are immediate! It completely changed how I think about making a song from start to finish, not to mention that it cut out the "painful work" mindset. Now my music is back to being FUN and addicting! It's crazy how much better my music became in just a few weeks compared to the years I spent endlessly scrolling on YouTube. Not to mention the active community. Now I have peace of mind instead of insanity, all day! - Rae Childs
My music has been awesome since finishing the class and it’s definitely helped me out tremendously. I truly felt like it was the extra bit I needed to take my music to the next level. The Road To Main Stage helped me break down the mental barrier of wondering if a track is finished or not. The Workshop Wednesday’s have really helped me as well, the feedback I get from you and Travis always makes my track better and I learn a ton from listening to other’s feedback too! I finally sent out my track “Won’t Be No Fool” to a bunch of labels after you and Travis gave me some tips that really made a big difference! Overall it’s been well worth it and I’ve recommended a few of my producer friends to take it as well! Thanks for everything 🙏🏼 - Dylan Engels
I’m releasing a track tomorrow that I started making in the first few days of starting The Road To Main Stage, and I certainly owe you a huge thanks. Previously I was in a a rut and only able to create loops. The arrangement section of TRTMS got me out of that rut, and now I’m back on track putting out songs for the world to hear! Thanks so much for creating this course and sharing your production knowledge. I used to spin Bass Kleph tracks in my sets back in college, so I knew you knew what the fuck you were talking about when I discovered your courses. Getting insight into your process has helped me immensely! Massive thanks to you sir! - T Blank
I’m currently working through The Road To Main Stage course and i learned already a lot, specially got rid of bad habits and ideas. many other so called trainings are focusing on the wrong stuff.  I like also the focus on quality and not just speed. sure the more tracks you finish the better you get. but only if you try your best every time. which isn’t easy at all:) i’m happy i bought your training and looking forward to the next chapters. - Roger Gottet 
I signed up for The Road To Main Stage yesterday. and I am genuinely blown away! Firstly, I'm staggered at how much info there is! It's almost a little overwhelming at first, but I really appreciate how you've mapped it out with very defined steps and in a logical order of progression. You seem to have really thought this through. Your explanations so far have just the right level of detail but simplified enough to not get bogged down in technical details. Looking ahead I can see I'm going to get every single question I've ever had covered in a topic! It's early days but I'm so freaking happy I signed up! Thanks again,  -Paul Croft
Hi everyone, I've been a member nearly since the beginning and have  learned a lot here , i have also tried a few different channels but at the end i always kept coming back to Bass Kleph. 🙂 Bass Kleph is fantastic at keeping things simple so that it isnt hard to follow. Thanks to the 'road to mainstage’. For years I was stuck in the 8bar loop. i kept starting over and beeing frustrated... but since last week I've finally managed to finish 3 tracks.  - Oliviero 
Since taking the course I made a track that reached the Spotify Power Hour Workout Playlist and EDM Friday Cratediggers, respectively, 2 million followers and 259k followers… Bass Kleph not only helped me grow as a musician and achieve the start of my dreams, but he also enabled me to live beyond my dream by caring about me as a person...I'll never forget that… - DJ Kirk
Just wanted to say how extremely grateful I am to Stu! I've been offered to do a remix for Believe Digital and in less than 7 days I've managed to write and mix the whole thing! They were really happy with it too! The track will be released on all digital platforms and hopefully, make it to radio. I couldn't have done it without YOUR SYSTEM! I can't thank you enough! Years of music writing frustration gone in less than a month. I listen to all those tracks by big artists and I now know how simple it is to make them.😎 I'm still in awe of how much planning, work, effort, and love has been put into this course. Being a pioneer must be in your DNA, man! This is one of a kind! With every video I watch, more fun gets put back into music-making. I can't thank you enough! - Nik Onishchuk
This by far far far the best course I have taken on music production. I love the relentless focus on process (e.g. getting the first bar fully right before looking into arrangement or mixdown) and finishing songs vs perfection (e.g. doing the things that matter in a mixdown, vs. perfecting the last 0.1 percent). Also, it's very helpful that every chapter builds on the work from the previous ones (compared to courses that only focus on mixdown without taking into account the previous steps on sound design). You're an amazing teacher and I hope this is not the last course you put out :) - Tim Raupach  
I put a little bit of what I've already learned from the class to use and managed to land a solid label for my new song! I'm already seeing results and I've barely even dived in! - Mischa O'Connell- MJOCON
The Road to Mainstage has helped me immensely. Using your tips, I produced this track with a friend of mine, and it's already getting lots of traction. It will be featured on the Crate Diggers Spotify playlist, and it's already getting support from lots of DJs. - Jordan Sanchez 
Damn! I really like it so far! I've picked up various pieces of a musical puzzle through the years and could never finish the puzzle (or was not satisfied with a lot of it). But you are showing me exactly how it can be done in a much simpler and thorough way. I now know realise that learned a lot in those last years but in the wrong order. The way you explain it makes much more sense and I can now use that knowledge the right way!. Zero regrets for signing up! Thank you Stu! - HPSHT!
Hey Stu, just did my first mix/master, and wow, complete mind blown! I have to say you are a master! - Jakub Checinski
I can't thank you enough for the knowledge I got from you over the last month! I'll be honest. I am very confident in my composition process and knowledge of music theory (I'm on my way to Ph.D. in music composition) but, your lessons are giving me a very good "back to square one" aspect. Maybe u are not as textbook educated as I am, but you are far more experienced, and man, you do feel ur music better than some of my colleagues from the faculty! I am forever grateful for what I'm getting from The Road To Main Stage! -Matija
You're an awesome teacher and I'm fucking ready to reach the pro's !!! I know you gonna help me a lot, thanks for this !!! - RUKIN MUSIC
Thanks to your knowledge sharing with the Road to Main Stage I will be releasing my first single on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, and more via Distrokid called Sailing Away. It will be release on 7/2/20 - Synth Stevie
I just finished week one and as someone who is breaking out of his comfort zone from dubstep, I am writing my first Dance Tracks and the quality already in one week on my first ever dance track, compared to my 5 years of wrongly making dubstep tracks is night and day! I'm Super amped to put out a bunch of 120-128 tracks throughout the rest of this year! Thank you for all of the knowledge Stu!! - Alexander Lozon
I’m in week 4 of the classes. I’m so happy I signed up for your classes. Best money I’ve spent on music production by far! I’m learning so much from your videos! My music has gotten drastically better in such a short amount of time. Your process is very effective! I can’t wait to finish the course, I’m looking forward to the next video even before the last one ends. I appreciate all the help! Cheers -Sam - CHICAGO IL
Great courses man! I purchased The Road to Main Stage and its going really well! It cleared up so many things about producing good music for me. Thanks for sharing your knowledge! it really helps man! Nicholas Neil
I'm absolutely loving the lessons! This is a gold mine of purely quality content! No messing around. :) Thank you Bass Kleph! - Pious Rajshekhar
You are the king! I knew how to finish songs quickly but never had confidence releasing I do! Thanks legend! - Gray Cones
The best online course I have ever taken! Thank you very much! I really learned a lot from you. - Michael Link
I had a great time with The Road To Main Stage! You helped me gain some new perspectives that I am very appreciative of! You are a great teacher and explain things very clearly. - Tommy Echelon
Bass Kleph has helped me tremendously with my music and I never thought I could get here that fast. Before, I was getting stuck a lot on songs. Stuck in the loop as they say. I wasn't really able to finish anything. I was also doing a lot of the wrong techniques, just from whatever I read on the internet or heard from someone else. Now, things are amazing! I can get songs finished a lot faster. Faster than I ever thought I could, and I've gotten tracks signed, I've gotten support on my tracks at Ultra, EDC, and Tomorrowland this year. It feels surreal! - Haus Of Panda
It definitely exceeded my expectations. My biggest improvement was in the speed at which I finish tracks, which was really slowing down my production progress in general. - Jaguar Nights
“I can honestly say that this was the best decision I could have possibly made to enhance my production skills and knowledge of the business in general. Bass Kleph does an amazing job of explaining his approach to producing tracks and dives into a vast amount of detail when discussing/working with each element of a track. What I learned here in such a short amount of time is invaluable and would have taken me months or even years to learn on my own. I couldn't be happier with my decision to sign up for this program” - Borlini
After watching hundreds of hours of tutorials and "In the studio with..." videos I realized I reached a plateau and I needed to do something different to level up my skills. It's crazy how much the quality of my music improved since I learned from Bass Kleph, and I finally started signing tracks on labels instead of hearing endless "Sorry, not for us.  - Aldor
Really enjoying the course! So useful and it's is making a massive difference! My mixing is coming along really nicely thanks to Mainstage! - S.O.A.P 

I have to keep stoping the videos to write because it’s getting me so inspired! I’ve already made 2 songs! So far I like the approach. I can see how you can move quickly and more consistently. I really like the way you show examples of different genres and their beat blue print. I already made a 3 minute track around some house beats I made watching it. - Erikinesis

Prolific Music Production

Great information. I think I've spent too much time with bite sized tutorials on youtube and this was really refreshing. Makes me flip my attitude about the hard drive full of loops I've never turned into songs. - Brandon Kirkpatrick

"PMP is the most effective 101 production tutorial I have ever watched. I learned so much on how to make a song step by step and finish it in less time. After PMP I have finished almost 4 songs now that sound really good and that are going out for labels (fingers crossed)." - Beat Effect

“Bass Kleph got me back on track! My music is flowing and sounding great!” - Dennis De Laat (Spinnin)

“PMP was loaded with valuable information. I like how everything was straight to the point. It really did teach me how to write music fast and efficiently.” - Ormando Gomez Jr.

“PMP was exactly what I needed. Thank you so much! This class taught me how to focus and streamline my ideas and then to flesh them out into full-length songs without resistance.” - Nemo Alexander

“All my song finishing questions were answered! PMP gave me a new view of my process. I am now on track to hit my song goals for the year!” - Yurroon

“Great advice and tips! Previously I found myself always in bad habits of endless tweaks. Now I know how to get the results I want in much less time.” - Alex Alexoudis

The Prolific Music production webinar was fantastic, as it was filled with no-nonsense information and was straight to the point. Everyone in the chat was on the same level and asked great questions. I got loads out of it! - Paul Duras

PMP surpassed my expectations and at the same time showed me that music is simply like a recipe. Of course you need creativity, but with discipline and commitment anyone can do it. I truly recommend PMP! - Edson Fernandez Garcia da Rosa

“I love the track breakdowns that show how to create my Perfect Custom Template! I have been able to take my music a lot further just by watching these sessions!” - Inztra MENTAL

“I liked PMP very much because it was so clear and simple! I really learned how to Finish a song. The checklist is also really helpful.” - Sjoerd van Heumen





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