Music Producer Training

How To Sound [email protected]#king Amazing...Without Spending 10 Years or $10,000


Simple Sonic Secrets: Take The Mystery Out Of Mixing with this Mini Course


The Inner Circle: Get A Back Stage Pass To My Mentor Sessions

My 1 on 1 mentor sessions have been a huge success with my mentees! I've helped them with everything from getting a "professional sound", to writing catchy hooks, marketing, mastering, and getting their tracks signed.

However, there is a limited amount of students that I can take on at one time. So, on top of the current 1 on 1 mentor program, I have launched something new!

A community of like minded producers who want to take their music to the next level.

To start with, I've been recording my mentor sessions, and uploading sections where I explain all my secret techniques. The result is an online library of answers to all of the most common questions in production, mixdown, writing, marketing, music industry, and more. You can be a fly on the wall as we work.

My mentor students get access to this Inner Circle, but now I am opening up the doors to you!

Ableton Plugins

Easy Chords: Chord Progressions Made Easy

Write breath taking chord progressions, bass lines, and arpeggios, without learning any music theory....

Easy Chords is an Ableton MIDI plugin that will let you do that and more. With a single key press, you can play 192 different chords that are all melodically matched with each other. These chords are grouped into 16 banks of 12 chords. Each set has a different feel and emotion, and all will work great with electronic music, hip hop, pop and more. It also includes a special Bass Mode to help you write a matching bass line, and an arpeggiator that will follow your melodic progression perfectly.

Easy Stereo:  Super Wide Stereo, No Mono Problems

Ableton Macro Plugin Pack. 14x custom plugins!

Here's a collection of 14 Ableton Live Macro plugs that i've made to make my life easier. They make common tasks faster, and some previously impossible tasks, now possible! Including Multi-band Side Chain, Split Frequency FX, Mid Side FX, and more! (must be on Ableton 9.6 or newer)


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