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The Easiest And Fastest Way To Start Finishing Songs

Our most popular course goes in depth on Bass Kleph's proven system, and step by step approach that will accelerate you from a bedroom producer, to the main stage. Over 1700 happy students can't be wrong! 

  • Get that professional sound without endless tweaking or loads of plugins.
  • Write amazing songs fast! without feeling like something is missing.
  • Easily finish song after song, rather than just loops
  • Find your unique sound and arrange in minutes
  • Keep your song interesting & make it flow
  • Write tracks that you are proud to share with your friends, and big record labels


Craft Your Music Brand To Stand Out

  • Increase Visibility: Learn strategies that put your music in front of the right people, from potential fans to record labels.
  • Clarify Your Brand: Articulate what makes your music unique, making it easier for your audience and industry professionals to understandā€”and loveā€”your sound.
  • Building Your Following: Techniques for growing a loyal fanbase eager for your next release.
  • Maximize Resources: Discover how to make the most of your budget and time, ensuring every effort counts towards your success.
  • Sustain Your Integrity: Find out how to market yourself without compromising your values or artistic integrity.


Make Your Music Timeless, Memorable, And Unforgettable.

  • Write Amazing, Unique Chord Progressions And Melodies
  • Get The Music In Your Head Into Your Daw
  • Make Your Chords Captivating, And Melodies Memorable
  • Write Songs That Accurately Reflect Your Intended Emotions
  • Feel More Confident Making New Songs
  • Know Exactly Where To Start
  • Unlock Your Full Songwriting Potential


How To Finish Great Songs Fast... Without Sacrificing Quality!

  • Become a song finishing machine and finish songs like never before
  • Turn a one bar loop into a full song in MINUTES!
  • Control perfectionism and KNOW when your song is done, without sacrificing quality.
  • CRUSH writers block! Know exactly what is missing, and what to do about it.
  • Maintain infectious interest over time, without adding more parts.
  • Build MASSIVE tension and huge drops without hours and days of work.


Song Writing Tips For People With No Free Time

  • Start Right, For Better Music In Less Time
  • Write Multiple Songs A Day
  • Find And Maintain Endless Creativity
  • Give Your Songs An Instant Feeling Of Wow
  • Make Your Beats Feel Expensive
  • Avoid Burnout And Easily Finish Any Song
  • Feel Confident And Ready For Collaborations


Ever hit that moment where your track, fresh off the DAW, just doesn't stack up to the pros? Yeah, that sinking feeling is all too familiar. It's like, no matter how much heart you pour into it, it just ends up feeling... meh.

That sucks, right? You end up questioning if it's even worth sharing, let alone dreaming about labels and gigs. It's a cycle that eats up your time, creativity, and, let's be real, a bit of your soul too.

But what if I told you there's a way to break free from this loop? That crafting bangers that sound professional (and, dare I say, epic) isn't just a pipe dream?

Enter Offline Feedback. This isn't your run-of-the-mill pep talk. It's your music, getting a one-on-one session with someone who's been in the trenches and made it out with tracks that bang and a name that sticks.

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It's All About YOU


From day one til you get signed to your dream label, and beyond.

Our mentor program is 100% customised to you. Your music, your struggles, your goals, and your success.

We cover all genres of electronic music, and work with everyone from Elite Touring Producers, to Beginners that want to accelerate their music production and avoid bad habits.

Whether learning how to get a pro mixdown sound, write catchy #1 hits, dominate the underground, or even just lift your game enough to make yourself happy and impress your friends.

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Create Quality Music Without Endless Tweaking

Do you have a passion for creating music but feel like something's missing?

Do you have no time for lessons? and no budget?

Introducing the Inner Circle – a community of dedicated music creators who are committed to reaching new levels of success in the industry.

Our expert designed tutorials and feedback put you on the fast track to transform your sound and accelerate your career.

You only have so much time to make music. Don't waste it by doing things the wrong way, or endlessly searching for answers. Find out how to produce high quality music faster than ever before!

Read more about The Inner Circle

Maschine Kits & Finger Drumming Training


How To Finger Drum Like The Pros ...Without Boring Exercises!

This pack of Maschine Kits for finger drumming and tutorials will have you up and drumming in clubs in no time. Rather than focusing on boring exercises, All Kits teaches you how to play real signed club tracks from the start. So once you have go them down, you can be confident dropping them in the club.

You get the kits, the tutorials, the sample packs and some bonus multisample Maschine Instruments too.

Learn More About ALL KITS

Ableton Plugins

Easy Chords: Chord Progressions Made Easy

Write breath taking chord progressions, bass lines, and arpeggios, without learning any music theory....

Easy Chords is an Ableton MIDI plugin that will let you do that and more. With a single key press, you can play 192 different chords that are all melodically matched with each other. These chords are grouped into 16 banks of 12 chords. Each set has a different feel and emotion, and all will work great with electronic music, hip hop, pop and more. It also includes a special Bass Mode to help you write a matching bass line, and an arpeggiator that will follow your melodic progression perfectly.

Easy Stereo:  Super Wide Stereo, No Mono Problems

Ableton Macro Plugin Pack. 14x custom plugins!

Here's a collection of 14 Ableton Live Macro plugs that i've made to make my life easier. They make common tasks faster, and some previously impossible tasks, now possible! Including Multi-band Side Chain, Split Frequency FX, Mid Side FX, and more! (must be on Ableton 9.6 or newer)


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