The Secret Sauce to Music Success: Mastering the Art of Fast Track Finishing

Getting more songs finished in a faster amount of time is the Secret Sauce to elevate your music production skills to the level where you will be proud of your music, get signed, build a following, and get booked for shows.

Let me explain why, with two big reasons.

#1 - You will fill the gaps in your knowledge.

Some people write loops and sketches and then decide it all feels too hard to finish. So they give up and start a new sketch. (Sound familiar?)

They have no trouble starting a new sketch as they have started sketches many times before. They have practiced that.

But they have not practiced the middle to end stages of finishing a song.
So when they reach those stages they get confused, and frustrated.

It feels like the song is not working anymore. Like it is not as effortless and fun.

In reality, this is not true. It is simply that they have not practiced these stages enough to feel comfortable with them.

Now when you get some perspective on this you can see how crazy this is right?

It's kinda like playing a video game and when you get to a hard level, you just decide to restart the whole game and lose all your progress.

Over and over again.

#2 - Finishing teaches you how to start better.

This is something that you will only know if you have already done it, or if someone teaches you.

As a music producer you only learn and get better if you take songs fully across the line.

You need to see the whole picture. You need to see how things pan out.

It’s like the difference between theory and practical.

You could read many books about swimming, but if you actually got in the pool and swam every day, you would be a much better swimmer.

It's also kinda like mixing a cake and not baking it.

You need to turn on the oven and see what happens. You need to see how your plan turns out in the end, learn from it and then adjust your recipe for that next cake.

Essentially. You will learn new ways to start songs, by finishing them.

This could be new insight on choices of sounds, parts, arrangements, style and more.

By starting songs with these new and valuable insights, your songs will end up better.

This cycle repeats and compounds and teaches you to be a great songwriter and producer.


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