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20 Sound Design Tricks For Serum & Massive Beginners

sound design Feb 15, 2019

This is a post for people who have been using presets in Serum/Massive and are want to take that next step into making your own sounds. These two synths have a lot of similarities so they are good to explain together.

I'll go over the following things:

  • The main sections of serum and massive
  • My top sound design tips for Serum and massive
  • How to make them sound big

Serum & Massive Synthesizer Sound Design

Serum and Massive are what we call subtractive synthesizers. Subtractive synths start with a lot of tone/noise. We then chip away and remove parts of it until it sounds the way you want.

Kinda like carving a sculpture. You start with a big block of stone, then remove some stone until you get the final shape. Keep this in mind as we explain more. 


Oscillators And Wave Tables

The oscillators generate the initial sound that you will later shape and move. Kinda like that big stone you are about to carve. Choose a wavetable, then choose the "position" of the wavetable.

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Why HAAS and other bad stereo widening techniques are ruining your mix, and what to do instead.


Stereo is a huge part of every modern song/mixdown. We all use it and listen to it every day.

However, not many people know that using the wrong kind of stereo widening techniques can severely damage your song.

Techniques such as HAAS effect, Mid Side, Frequency Shifter, pitch shifting and even chorus (if used incorrectly) can cause huge problems in your mixdown. There are even some expensive 3rd party plugins that cause problems right out of the box.

These stereo widening techniques may give you a wide sound, but they have bad mono compatibility, and phase issues.

So, when summed to mono, this can make your song sound soft, mushy, distant, lose punch and lose bass.

This could be happening right now and if so, it's not your fault. You've just been taught the wrong techniques.

That's why I made this free video lesson, and why I made the plugin i demonstrate in the video.

Get Easy Stereo NOW


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Bass Kleph presets for Native Instruments Massive

I know a few of you have been asking me about this for a while, and I love to give you guys what you want.

So, here's a pack of 125 of my favorite Massive patches that I've made for Bass Kleph and TAISUN.

You may recognize a few of them from my records. There are loads of Bass sounds, some Leads, FX, Synths, Pads, and many more!

Check out the audio previews below now!


Massive Sounds includes 125 Sounds! Here's the breakdown:

64 Bass Sounds, 22 Lead Sounds, 17 EFX Sounds, 15 Synth Sounds, 4 Pluck Sounds, 1 Pad Sound, 1 Chord Sound, 1 Brass Sound.

Not sure?

Download one of my FREE Massive patches here first

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